If you are reading this, Rockit West Radio is officially up and running and you are one of the select few to see the site in it's early stages of development. Rockit West Mediaworks will broadcast to this site 24/7 as a means to entertain, inform, and advertise to local markets. The platform developed here will central server for an expanding national network. Rockit West Radio ~ Colorado Springs, will be the founding station of a network we will be advancing into other markets at a steady and comfortable pace. Programming will consist of regular live broadcasts to include DJ sets, talk shows, local news, and live spots. Our goal is to maintain a 20:1 or better music to voice-over ratio at all times. We will strive to have advertising rates that are reasonable and affordable for small businesses. The promotion of local musicians and other talent will also be a top priority. We plan to be broadcasting live in early 2012 and streaming to all mobile devices shortly there after. We are already available to Android users at radio.rockitwest.com/mobile and will be available to iPhone users in a few short months. We have 13 different stations catagorized by genere that you will find in
The Vault. Thanks for being a part of the Rockit West family.
Stay tuned and don't forget...
~ It's All About The Ride ~